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Magic & Mayhem EP 2023 

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Magic & Mayhem visualizer

Red Wine video 

Red Wine video 

Red Wine video 

Red Wine live

Sabrina’s new EP lures us into her world with powerpop bangers, cinematic emotion and gothic soul. Her songs fearlessly address religion, patriarchy, violence, and liberation. Magic and Mayhem: a grand stage for Kennedy's showstopping vocals.

Raised near Salem, Massachusetts, Sabrina's songwriting echoes her hometown's legacy of witchcraft and fear of the female.

''You can burn me at the stake like a Puritan.... you will never know me/throw the water cos I'm holy' ('Puritan')

'You pull the cards, fooling yourself/casting a spell to be somebody else' ('Magic & Mayhem') 

'This ain't no Romeo & Juliet/it's a modern-day Bonnie & Clyde/two lost souls trying to get by'  ('Red Wine')

Sabrina: "'Red Wine' is about the goddess in the church. The divine feminine, and the forbidden love of two lost souls: Jesus and Mary Magdalene."

'Sabrina Kennedy takes you on a journey of feminist discovery, captured within a soulful vocal that will melt any audience' - Gigslutz

'Kennedy’s sound gets you in the gut... evoking the rockstar era of Cher and Janis Joplin’ -

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