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Photo: Roddy Kennedy

Lone Microphone

'You can burn me at the stake like a puritan/But I'm a phoenix up from the ash again.'

Sabrina Kennedy has written and performed music from an early age, capturing crowds with her powerful vocals and soulful attitude. Playing in London in 2019, the Boston native was credited with 'sincere songs, an unashamedly belting pop voice and shitloads of confidence'. 

Her new track 'Hold Tight' , featured on ITV's 'The Only Way is Essex', epitomises Kennedy's style: timeless pop, an epic chorus, and a touch of darkness. 

With a voice drawing the line from Christina Aguilera back to Janis Joplin, her live performances take the audience on a forceful, impassioned ride.


'Habitual' featuring Sabrina Kennedy: Showtime theatres now